Top Beauty Salon in Malaysia

Pure n Fair Beauty has been around for many years. It is our local community’s beauty salon of choice in Malaysia. The skin, being the largest organ, is the protective covering of the body along with hair and nails. Our skin reveals to the world how healthy we are and is a reflection of our age.

Therefore it is important to keep our skin, hair and nails healthy through treatments. We offer a full range of beauty and spa treatments, procedures and pampering sessions that are suitable for all ages, including both male and female. These positive lifestyle behaviours will keep you healthy and make your skin look younger.

One Stop Centre

We are a one-stop centre that provides all services from head to toe. Thus all things related to health and beauty is at your convenience. Our treatment packages and personalized programmes are well thought out and are designed to fit different individual needs. They rejuvenate tired looking skin as well as improve health and appearance, giving clients a boost of confidence.

We have highly qualified professionals who are skin experts. They have experience in treating all skin types, are result oriented and focus on safe treatments. We aim to satisfy our clients by beautifying their appearance and improving their inner health. Our goal is to have all clients feeling good, inside and out upon leaving our beauty salon/premises.

Why Choose Us?

Latest Technology

We constantly keep updated with the latest technology in this beauty industry and utilize them for optimum results. In light of this, we make sure that these new treatment options are proven safe before introducing them to our clients.


Pure & Fair Beauty ensures our environment is conducive for our clients to feel comfortable and stress-free. We use soothing background music and pleasant aromatic scents to create a relaxing mood. We maintain an exclusive experience through private rooms for the various beauty therapies.

Qualified & Experienced Staff

All our beauticians and masseuses are well trained and have many years of experience in their respective specialties. They use their expertise to customize the most suited beauty therapy for individual clients.

Top Quality Product

We use clinically approved products based on top safety measures and effectiveness. Pure & Fair Beauty pride ourselves in using the highest quality cosmetics and organic supplements for health and beauty.