Welcome to Pure & Fair Beauty

We are a one-stop spa and beauty salon that offer services from head to toe. Our treatment packages and personalized programmes are well thought out and are designed to fit different individual needs.


Pure & Fair Beauty offers a range of facial treatments for all skin types. We first analyze your skin condition and then provide personalized treatments for your skin type to best fit your needs. Our treatments will cleanse, exfoliate and nourish your skin to improve skin tone and elasticity.

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V-Shape Face Lift

The V-shaped face is ideal for a feminine look. We at Pure & Fair Beauty can help you achieve that for a beautiful photogenic face! We offer high performance contouring treatment with Thermage technology that lifts, refines and firms.

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Eyelash Extension

We at Pure & Fair Beauty offer various types and sizes of eyelashes to suit your needs. They are applied one at a time with special semi-permanent glue that can last up to 8 weeks along with touch up maintenance every 3-4 weeks.

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Manicure & Pedicure

Pure & Fair Beauty not only helps to beautify your nails with designs, but also helps to maintain healthy hands and feet. We offer cuticle and nail shaping, filing and polishing.

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Body Slimming

Pure & Fair Beauty uses latest technology for our safe, non-invasive, slimming programmes. We offer 3 different solutions including lipo laser tummy treatment, aroma oil treatment and radiofrequency treatment.

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Body Massage

Body massage is known for its health benefits and general wellbeing. Pure & Fair Beauty treatments are based on traditional and aroma oil massage techniques combined with our experienced masseuses.

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About Us

Pure n Fair Beauty has been around for many years. It is our local community’s beauty salon of choice in Malaysia. The skin, being the largest organ, is the protective covering of the body along with hair and nails. Our skin reveals to the world how healthy we are and is a reflection of our age. Therefore it is important to keep our skin, hair and nails healthy through treatments.

We offer a full range of beauty and spa treatments, procedures and pampering sessions that are suitable for all ages, including both male and female. These positive lifestyle behaviours will keep you healthy and make your skin look younger.

What our customers say about us

Had a great 1 hour traditional full body massage at Pure n Fair Beauty. Loved the comfortable ambiance and scent. Highly recommended.

Tessa Chin

My face looked less puffy, and my double chin is reduced! All thanks to the V shape face lift treatment I had at Pure n Fair Beauty.

Carina Ng

Thank you! Loved the manicure you guys did for me. Massive range of designs to choose from. Will definitely be back!

Melissa Tan